Signia Styletto X

Discreet and stylish design
Comes with an assistant app
Multiple color options available
Remote controls
Qi charger case

Main features

Signia’s Styletto X is one of the most unique hearing aids currently available in the market. It’s stylish, modern, and innovative. The only reason why it ended up so low on our list is due to app and remote controls, which could be a tad tricky for senior users, and price. However, there are multiple reasons why Styletto X could be the one for you. First of all, the audio quality is designed in a way to mimic the actual hearing experience as much as possible. Personalized hearing options can be controlled via the Signia Assistant app, so you won’t even have to touch the device to adjust the settings to your preference. While an app itself is not everyone’s preferred controls method, it permits greater audio versatility. You can also get Styletto Connect – a hearing aid case and charger that’s about the size of an earbud case. The charger case is also Qi-supported, so you can power it up without any extra cords. Overall, Signia’s Styletto X is a modern hearing aid for tech-savvy modern users.

Design and comfort

Signia’s Styletto X’s best feature, by far, is its design. Modern, sleek, and sophisticated, this hearing aid will look good on anyone. The charging case is also pocket-size, so you can conveniently carry your hearing aids around. Styletto X also comes in several color options: white/rose gold, blue/rose gold, black/silver, white, and black. It’s also really comfortable to wear, fitting nicely behind the ear with just the tip going inside the ear canal. Overall, for a younger person or more tech-savvy user, there’s hardly a more stylish and innovative hearing aid than Styletto X.

Ease of use

Styletto X might not be the most straightforward device to master, particularly if you’re not on friendly terms with modern technology. While the use is fairly simple, the setup might take time to figure out. Controlling the audio via the assistant app might provide greater versatility, but not everyone will find it more convenient. In terms of battery, it has a rechargeable lithium-ion one that provides a decent amount of 16 to 19 hours of regular runtime. The case that can charge these hearing aids is Qi-charging compatible, able to charge the aids for up to 3 days before needing to be charged itself. So, overall, it’s not as inconvenient as most rechargeable hearing aids are.

🦻 Value

Overall, for younger users or simply those who appreciate style and innovation, Signia Styletto X hearing aids could be one of the best options out there. However, it was kept from taking a higher place on our list by its price and not universally friendly use. In terms of sound quality, like most hearing aids on our list, it did not disappoint, providing excellent speech clarity and filtering background noises well. In general, it’s not a bad option, just short on being the best.