Great sound quality
Lightweight and comfortable design
Easy to use
Fairly discreet
Sold as a pair
Set includes a full maintenance kit
Comes with a USB dual charging dock
Excellent offer and free shipping

Main features

EarHear hearing aid came close second only because it’s not a CIC device and costs just a tad bit more than our No 1 pick. But both of these drawbacks are so minor that for most, they might not be an issue at all. EarHear is still surprisingly affordable, especially considering that it’s sold as a pair, and some people actually prefer regular over-the-ear hearing aids. There’s still more that this device can offer. First of all, it is rechargeable, so if you want to be less wasteful or not have to buy replacement batteries, EarHear is exactly what you need. A convenient USB dual charging dock included in the set makes the process even less of a hassle, as you would be able to use it anywhere and charge both devices simultaneously. If you only need one hearing aid, you’ll be able to charge them interchangeably and never have to wait.

Design and comfort

Despite being less discreet than a CIC hearing aid, EarHear still wouldn’t stick out or be very visible. The main part of the device rests behind the ear, and if you have a fair skin tone, it shouldn’t be much visible at all. Then the clear thin tubing goes around the ear and into the ear canal, so it should blend in fairly well. But the best thing about EarHear is that it’s more comfortable than a CIC device. It doesn’t fully go into the ear canal, so it’s simple to put on and off, and its light weight is better distributed when placed behind the ear. You might even forget that you’re wearing it!

Ease of use

EarHear is very simple to use. All of the controls are on the main part of the device, so you would only need to reach up and move the dial to change the volume or flip the switch to turn on/off the device. It can all be done with just one finger! Wearing it is also uncomplicated. All you would need to do is place a hearing aid on either ear (a single device can be worn on both left and right ears), push the earplug into the ear canal, and that’s all there is to it. If you need to wear both hearing aids, you can charge them overnight using the USB charging dock, and if you need just one, you can charge one at a time so you would never run out of power.

🦻 Value

Overall, when deciding which hearing aid to get, it all comes down to your design preference and budget. If your funds are strictly limited or if you want a device that would be near-invisible – then our No 1 pick would be a better option for you. But if you could pay just a little extra or if you prefer an over-the-ear type of device, then there’s no better option than EarHear. Both devices were almost equal in quality, so it all depends on your personal needs.