Eargo Neo

Hardly visible and discreet
Comfortable design
Great audio quality
4 sound profiles
Charging case

Main features

Normally, based on price alone, Eargo Neo would be at the bottom of our list. But we couldn’t let that happen when its innovation and features are excelling in so many ways. For those willing to pay a hefty sum, Eargo is ready to present an array of benefits. First, it’s a CIC type of hearing aid with clearly marked left and right indications, so automatically, these are more discreet than your usual hearing aids. But better yet, Eargo Neo’s sound quality is one of the best on this list of hearing aids, matching or even exceeding our number 1 pick! Neo amplifies the voices, reduces unnecessary sounds, cancels feedback, and overall has four sound profiles to choose from with just the tap of the finger. While these hearing aids are rechargeable, they’re not particularly long-lasting. To make up for it, the Eargo hearing aid case acts as a charger too, so when you don’t particularly need your hearing aids, you can pop them in for a quick power-up. A 30-minute charge can last you a good few hours, and the case itself is rechargeable. By far, the best quality about these hearing aids is that they remember your sound profile choice. That means that once you set what you like, Neo will remember and adapt right away.

Design and comfort

Seeing that ominous price tag starts making some sense once you notice the ingenuity of Neo's earbuds. Uniquely, they are designed to mimic almost a palm shape that permits airflow and thus creates a more natural feel. This way, you're getting the amplification of the sounds with a realistic connection to your surroundings. The hearing aids are black, and it doesn't seem like there are alternative color options. But simply because they are CIC-type devices, they should still be quite discreet and nearly invisible. The charging case is circular and relatively thin, so it should fit into your handbag or even a pocket without an issue.

Ease of use

The issue with most innovative hearing aids is that they are usually quite hard to master or have extra unnecessarily complicated features. However, Eargo Neo is very basic and should be suitable for most. First of all, charge your hearing aid case using a Type-C power cord. Then make sure your hearing aids are fully charged before placing them in your ears. Make sure you're comfy, turn them on, and adjust your preferred settings. After you found what you like, Neo will remember your choice, and you'll be able to jump straight to wearing them at any point. When they're running out of power, pop them into the charging case for half an hour, and that's it. Keep them clean, and they won't present you with any issues.

🦻 Value

Eargo Neo hearing aids are hardly cheaper than most similar devices on the market and the priciest one on our list. However, if you’re willing to spend that kind of money, some features should suit you well. First, they are very comfortable and have excellent sound quality. Then, there’s a 12-month warranty and 45-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied. Finally, Eargo Neo offers free delivery in the United States and a flexible payment plan where you can either pay the total amount or split it into regular payments. Overall, if you have a lot of disposable income, this is one of the best options to pick.