Audicus Aura

Blue/red and beige color options
Includes wax-guards
Discreet design
45-day money-back trial
Flexible payment options

Main features

Visually similar to our No 1 pick, Audicus Aura dropped to third place simply due to its substantially heftier price. Overall, design- and- use-wise, it's still a great option. Otherwise, we wouldn't have selected it on our list. Aura features simple tap-controls that change through necessary settings and replaceable batteries that one could find to purchase anywhere. The set also includes wax-guards that need to be replaced every two weeks, but they protect the device well from dirt and earwax. Like any CIC device, Audicus Aura is very discreet, so it's a good choice for those who are a bit shy over their impairment or simply want their hearing aid to be out of the way. While it's certainly not the cheapest option on our list, Audicus offers both single-payment and monthly membership payment plans with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Design and comfort

As we pointed out multiple times, CIC-type hearing aids are certainly more discreet. Audicus Aura is no exception, being small and fitting inside the ear canal. These hearing aids come in two color options. Blue/red with the black tip makes it easy to separate which device goes into which ear and is more suited for a darker skin tone. Beige one blends well with lighter skin tones and might be better suited for those who genuinely prefer near-invisible discreetness, though blue and red shouldn't be visible as those parts go into the ear canal anyway.

Ease of use

Audicus Aura is controlled not through dials or buttons but by simply tapping the outer-facing part of the device. By tapping switches through different modes, you could select the one that works best for you. However, it might be neither a more discreet nor faster option than simply turning the dial, but it's a matter of preference. Overall, Aura is straightforward and should not take long at all to master the use.

🦻 Value

Overall, if it wasn’t for the price, Audicus Aura would definitely be one of the highest-placing hearing aids on our list. It has the discreetness and quality of HearClear Pro, while also offering a bit different design and setting options. Tap-controls are a matter of preference. We didn't find those significantly slower, and it was pretty easy to master. So, Aura is definitely an option to consider if nothing else suits you so far.